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 Wuxi Hsianhua Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (HMCL) was established in December 2003.  It is located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province of Peoples’ Repulic of China.  It is a manufacturer of line filters for the compressed air industry.  We work hard to manufacture the best quality possible of line filters and elements with proud mark of what is Made in China.

We use imported filtration fibers from Germany and United States, coupled with local sourcing and labor to produce best value for quality of filter elements and housings for the filtration industry.  Our current OEM customers include some of the leading industrial dryer companies in China, both domestic and international.
Our current line of production include replacement elements both particulates and coalescers to leading name brands such as Hankison, Dominick Hunter (DH), Ultrafilter, SMC, Orion and etc.  We also supply our own line of aluminum alloy filter housings that could accommodate replacement elements for Hankison and DH.  Our filter efficiencies have been tested with an US based independent third party laboratory so we are confident in our filters and their applications in varies industries, including electronics industry where stringent filtration grades are required.  We welcome customization for OEM clients with independent test results provided prior to quantity production.
We are looking to expand into Europe and North America and would welcome partnerships in marketing and sales of our products.
Wuxi Hsianhua Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Tel:++ (1)832 623 8710
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